Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mist, missed & more Mist

Dark and White Events
Rab Mini Mountain Marathon 29/11/14 Edale 

A very big thank you to Adrian and everyone at Dark and White Events for all the Mini Mountain Marathons and the annual 2 day Rab MMs. The Mini MMs were an introduction to mountain navigation events for Ray (the other half of team ibuprofen) and I. We have thoroughly enjoyed every Dark and White event we have entered, since our very first race back in 2008.

Next year Dark and white pass on the Rab Mini MMs to these good people. I am sure they will do a fine job and carry on the good work.

Highlights and randoms From  Edale

  • Matt coming second and taking 2nd place in the series. Cool!
  •  Missing control 13
  •  Finding it on the way back from21
  • Dropping my map
  • Backtracking and finding the map. That was lucky.
  • Catching up with Mike
  • Crusty bread and Marmite
  • Running down Grindsbrook
  • 2 x face-plants while running down Grindsbrook (thankfully, with soft landings)

Proper good mountain marathoner, Matt,
Styling it up.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Journey to the West

The journey of Chinese philosophy and martial arts to the West. One Last Thing by Paul Read.
 It's all true you know. Chang Sang Feng's furry friend told me so. 

You can find more bean curd blatherings @

Friday, 7 November 2014

Raiders of the lost Park

Explorer Events, Peak Raid 3
Round one Edale

Round one of Explorer Events very first Peak Raid 3 and what better place to start than Edale?

 Based in the Village Hall, the organisers had scattered controls either side of the Edale Valley. Sunday morning they gave us all an event specific map and 3 hours to find as many orange and white orienteering kites as possible.

Clear skies and  a well planned course, meant that we were treated to some stunning views of the Vale of Edale and the hills that surround it.  Autumn Sunday mornings don't get much better than this.

Thank you Explorer Events and good luck for the rest of the series.

Ray M, still smiling after the 1st climb of the day

Lots of Smiley happy people

"Do you come here often?"

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


On a run from Banklands Cottage in Eskdale Green to Scafell/Scawfell. I had the privilege to meet  Wainwrighteers Tony & Janet. Scafell was their 212th of 214 Wainwrights. They went on to Slight side that day and completed their 214th last Sunday.

Congratulations Tony and Janet!

Unashamed selfie 

View from the
Shameful selfie 

Heading back past the peat huts.
 Sort yer hut out Pete. It looks a mess mate

Friday, 17 October 2014

TEA, EGG, WHY........ FUN

Rab Mountain Marathon 2014 

Well, I think it was Longsleddale. All place names had been removed from the maps but it did say Longsleddale on the car sticker.

This was team Ibuprofens 4th Rab MM and Ourea Events first. Previous organisers Dark & White had set the bar high, earning the Rab a reputation for being a challenging but relaxed and friendly event.
I am happy to say, Shane and his team did a fantastic job and continued the tradition, of slick organisation with a friendly atmosphere.

Here are some of team Ibuprophens highlights and randoms for this year:

Meeting old friends and new Hanno, Paul, Matt and Ike, Splatcher and little miss Splatcher.

Missing a control. Grrrrrrrr!(still not happy about that)

Clag, getting lost in it

Clag, relocating and getting unlost

Control code letters, TEA, EGG, FUN, WHY. I actually LOLed

Top course planning by Charles Sproson

Ray M, Now officially an OAP. thanks for putting up with me again.

Race directors report and competitor blogs on the Rab MM home page

Race faces

And you say that bit up there is the squiggly line on the piece of paper 


Lance Armstrong took EPO.
We opted for PEN performance enhancing noodles 

Very moorish

Finally, a very big thank you to Shane Ohly and all who made the 2014 Rab such a success.
See you next year.