Sunday, 29 March 2015

Happy happy joy joy!


Brilliant news Arthur, the adventure racing dog has finally gone home . If you haven't heard about Arthur, where have you been?  Here is the full story of Arthur and Team Peak Performance.

Happy happy joy!


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Shiny #2 Show me yours


That's my take on kit. What's yours?.........

Hendrik @ Hiking in Finland consistently bangs out quality articles on all things outdoors.

Local shop for local people The Derby Runner

Top Fell Running Guide Dave Taylor, Knows his stuff. Check out his fb page for kit reviews and Navigation tips.

Calvin has been mostly wearing Asics

Shiny and homespun True mountain @ Mountainlite

Fellraisers get Tested to destruction

King Kenny revisits a very special shiny thing

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

It's Shiny I want one

Gear, kit. stuff. I have an strange relationship with kit.On the one hand I am quite cynical about the unsustainable, consumerist drive and all the marketing bollox that goes with it. On the other, I still like shiny new things.

This interest in stuff can probably be traced back to Top Trumps. The card game where the; biggest fastest or most shinyest, wins, or 'trumps' the opposition.

This was re-enforced in my teens. I spent a few years as an Air Cadet, where I got to play with lots of shiny things, from assault rifles and anti aircraft missiles to every-ones favourite cold war kid- the English Electric Lightning.
I am sort of a 'part time pacifist' but wow, that stuff was proper shiney.

Hunting Bears
I never got to fly in a fast jet but they did let me press the starter button on this one.

Fast jets lead to fast bikes and the influence of lord Emap (now Her Bauer), publisher of Motorcycle News and Performance Bikes. This was were the racing bug bit.The bestest and shineyest of bikes raced in Moto GP or 500 grand prix as it was. Expansion chambers, reed valves, variable porting and sticky tyres. Fast, exotic, dangerous and very shiny.

Slow but still smiling 

From motorbikes to mountains, moorland and fell running. A simple sport but still requiring kit. Sticky tyres are swapped for studded shoes, leathers replaced with wicking technical tops and breathable waterproofs, a whole industry to tempt a fellrunner. Again Bauer Media have plenty of shiny things to show off in Trail Running magazine, even the sublime The Fellrunner magazine has adverts displaying fellrunning, shiny things.

Kit makes it possible for us to do amazing things and I still find it interesting but the final word goes to Cameron Mc Neish Author, writer for Walkhighlands and  former Editor of TGO. A thoughtful article writtten by Cameron ~ Bucking the Corporate Trend

Kit and shiney related links :

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Friday, 13 February 2015


Rab Mini MM 7.2.15
Eastern Moors

A new record for Team Ibuprofen. Our/my first navigational error of the day was a wrong turn in Bakewell. Five miles before the startline. Der! Thankfully this detour meant that we started later than planned, giving the other teams time to leave footprints in the snow for us to follow. No more nav errors there then.

The only other minor setbacks were: the HD card on my faithful Olympus was full( hence no pictures) and the peat bog slush puppy up on the moors. After trudging through slush water and peat for what seemed like forever, I thought my feet would never warm up.

Other Highlights and randoms-

Pea soup, flapjack, bread and butter with marmite :)

Catching up with; Nick, Matt, Ike, Martin and Rich.

My first time on Curber, Froggat and White Edges.

Harveys mapping.

A big thank you to the BogRock Partnership, who have taken over the running of this years Rab Mini Mountain Marathon series. It is good to see Dark and White have passed the Mini MMs on to a safe pair of hands.

Slow but still smiling
Photo by Nick G

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Stuff and ting

Stuff and ting from around the interweb that has amused me. I hope you like it too.

Life of a mountain Scafell Pike made byTerrybnd, an imaginary(digital) friend of mine was shown on BBC 4 this week.
Well Done Terry, you deserve it.

A nice Wushu(kung fu) Vid

Zephr makes an interesting point about rules. Discus.

Claire is training for the 6 day Coastal Challenge.

Pat's Trigger report

New year means it's time for the Dakar Proper bonkers.

Monday, 5 January 2015



For all you; runners, climbers, cyclists, skiers, walkers, gym goers and generally outdoorzy folk.

Keep on moving! x

Well done Charlie on completing your first fell race. Good to see you running again Martin. Last but not least. A big thank you to David Denton and all the helpers/marshals at yesterdays race.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Yin and Yang of Christmas

If you have a very good imagination and squint a bit, it could possibly look a bit like, the Daoist  symbol of complimentary opposites which sums up the first few of days of my Xmas break.

Xmas eve. A lovely evening with friends family and neighbours.

Woke up Xmas day with manflu

Fab  Xmas day with family and Friends.

Too poorly/lazy to do Disewoth boxing day fun run.

It snowed and I went for a run in my new Xmas shorts.

I hope you had a fab Christmas and wish you all the very best for new year

Parental advice, it's a bit sweary.